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Essential oils are the subtle, volatile liquid resins found in flowers, trees and all plant life. They give plants their characteristic odor like the fragrance of a rose or the scent of cedar or pine. There are 30,000 known aromatic molecules that make up various essential oils, and science has identified and catalogued only a fraction of them. This is one reason why the therapeutic qualities of certain essential oils is not completely understood. What is known is - much like blood in humans, essential oils are the transporters of all the nutrients and vital elements necessary to feed and nurture every cell of all plant life. These oils penetrate cell walls to deliver oxygen, nutrients and hundreds of vital chemical components. The essential oils are literally the life force of the plant. The unique and powerful chemical compounds they are made of give plants their ability to initiate and maintain growth, repair structural damage, destroy infections, stave off infestation and even reproduce.


Eygpt is considered to be the birthplace of what was then the combined pharmacy / cosmotology / herbology of essential oils. Perfumery and pharmicology were under the same umbrella of what is now apothecary or our modern pharmacist. Hippocrates, the father of medicine stated "The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage everyday". He recognized using essential oils offered protection against contagious illnesses. Historical evidence revels that India, Pakistan, Babylonia, Greece, Rome, China... all used the "Apothecary" of essential oils for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Throughout Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries, many herbals were published including recipies for making essential oil blends. About 1750 there was a split between the perfumery and the pharmacy. Pharmacists were using more processed and synthetic chemicals. Those who worked with essential oils in the natural distillation processes were less apt to get the plague. The scientific study of the therapeutic properties of essential oils was started by the french cosmetic chemist Rene - Maurice Gattefosse. About 1920 he burned his arm badly. He plunged his arm into the nearest cold liquid which happened to be a tub of lavender oil. He didn't experience the normal burn reaction of redness, inflamation and blisters. The pain lessened considerably and the wound healed quickly with no scar. He dedicated the rest of his life to researching the remarkable healing properties of natural essential oils and coined the term 'Aromatherapy'.


Today hospitals and leading practitioners throughout western europe and the middle east are using essential oils regularly in the treatment of illness and disease, ranging from colds and influenza, to cases of stubborn antibiotic-resistant infection and even cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. Many people in these areas use essential oils in their daily lives because of the healing, oxygenating, immune boosting and anti-infection properties these oils have. The concentrated essences of various flowers, plants and herbs have been used for centuries all over the world, yet today these ancient medicines are unknown to many. Used instead are the synthetic products of perfume and pharmaceutical companies which only imitate the natural fragrances, and medicinal and cleansing properties of true esssential oils. Because essential oils are refered to as aromatherapy, many assume their value is only one of charm and fragrance. Yet medical research has proven that essential oils are potent, with remarkable medicinal properties. Use in medicine has proven certain essential oils to be : Antiviral... Antibacterial... Antifungal... Antiseptic... Anti-inflammatory... Antineuralgic... Antirheumatic...Antispasmodic... Antitoxic... Antidepressant... Analgesic... Sedative...Expectorating... Diuretic... and more. Unlike chemical drugs, essential oils do not remain in the body. They leave no toxins behind. They pull toxins from the body. Whether essential oils are used topically- as in aromatherapy massage, or aromatically with a vaporizer or diffuser, or in a steam or bath, the therapeutic effect is very powerful. As more people in the U.S. discover the benefits of available pure, quality essential oils, their use will continue to grow.

Therapies with Essential Oils

Vita Flex Therapy


An ancient Tibetian form of reflexology. Vita Flex means "Vitality thru the reflexes". There are 5000 reflex points thru out the body. The treatment is primarily applied to the feet using specific essential oils to reflex points, bringing balance and harmony to the correlating glands and organs. This is due to the electrical charge carried by essential oils, in synergistic harmony with the body's autonomic nervous system. The body's nervous system is connected to the reflex points. These electrical charges, usually electrons or negative ions, generate namo-volts of electricity (Billionths of a volt) at megahertz frequencies.

Rain Drop Therapy

The application of oils by "dropping" them directly onto the spine. Using light strokes and Vita Flex technique, they are worked into the spinal column. This stimulates energy impulses and disperse the oils thru out the entire body via the autonomic nervous system and the cerebral spinal fluid. The body can be brought into balance and the energy centers can be cleared and re-aligned. It helps to reduce spinal inflammation and kill viruses that hibernate along the spinal column. By stimulating the Central Nervous System, it affects every part of the body including emotional release and support. One sixty minute session with the oils will continue to work in the body for a week or longer. For chronic conditions, treatments can be weekly. As the body responds, treatments can be monthly and then seasonal for maintenance.


Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue massage and soft tissue manipulation using varied techniques such as Paul St. John Neuromuscular, Vita Flex, Accupressure and cross fiber frictioning/trigger point technique. Essential oils are applied for specific area of trauma. IE: ligament tear, muscle spasm, nerve damage, circulation, muscle atrophy.

Cellulite Massage

Soft tissue manipulation with cross fiber frictioning, kneading, skin rolling techniques. Blends of essential oils applied to release congestion and toxins in interstitial spaces. Excellent when combined with a compression wrap. (See section for body wraps).

Facial Rejuvenation

Blends of essential oils for anti-aging, anti-wrinkling and cellular rejuvenation are applied with accupressure, vita flex and lymphatic drainage techniques.

Lymphatic Massage


Aromatherapy massage is a light effleurage with rythmatic layering stroke; application in direction of lymphatic flow. Specific essential oils are applied to stimulate the lymphatic system. This technique is to increase lymphatic flow. Chronic lymphatic congestion or stasis would require Lymphatic Drainage - a more therapeutic and specific technique.(See the lymphatic drainage page in the menu.) Due to the all the nerve endings just under the skin, the lymphatic massage has a claming effect on the autonomic nervous system. Used in psychiatric treatment centers in Europe, it has proven to be excellent for anxiety and depression. Any stress, melancholy or feeling overwhelmed would be soothed with the light vibrational massage and the oils for calming and relaxation.

Healing properties of Essential Oils

Essential oils are made up of tiny molecules. Due to there infinitestimal size these molecules easily pass thru the cell walls of every one of our 100 trillion cells. They bring nutrition and information into the cell and carry waste products out. Any Essential oil placed anywhere on the body can reach every part of your body within minutes. Because of this tiny molecular structure they are very concentrated. One Drop has about 40 million-trillion molecules. That's 40,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules. One Drop of essential oil has enough molecules to cover every one of our 100 trillion cells with 40,000 molecules of all the life giving elements in that oil. Essential oils are non-toxic

Essential Oils are Powerful Antioxidants

Antioxidants are important to good health and recovery from illness. Our bodies naturally produce these special enzymes. Another naturally produced element in our bodies are Free Radicals. These are some of the by-products of our cells metabolism. They are left over molecules after cells produce energy from nutrients and oxygen. Yet they cannot be treated as harmless waste, because free radicals are unstable, highly reactive molecules that cause damage to any healthy cell they come in contact with. They need to be neutralized first and then carried away as waste. This is the job of antioxidants. Antioxidants come into contact with free radicals and make them inert, and cell damage by free radicals is kept to a minimum. If free radicals increase to a point where they cannot not be readily neutralized by antioxidants, then cell damage increases and continues until more antioxidants are available. Aging is the result of incresed cell damage - aging of the skin, joints, muscle tissue ect. Free radicals increase when cell metabolism is inefficeint. The factors that cause cells to produce energy inefficeintly and thus produce more waste that contain free radicals are:

1) Poor diet. Foods that contain alot of unnatural additives are not handled by cells very well. Cells process natural foods more efficeintly with less waste and less free radicals.
2) Toxins and pollutants. Exposure to chemicals and toxins in the air or water. This includes pesticides, insecticides, hydrocarbons from engine exhaust...ect. These enter the body through the skin, by breathing and ingested. Some hinder the natural process of metabolism and waste elimination at a cellular level.
3) emotional or physical stress. Any stress impairs our body to function properly. Physical trauma or an infection, even emotional stress impairs the bodies ability to produce energy efficeintly and dispose of waste by-products.

ORAC: Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity

Developed by Tufts University, the ORAC scale measures how powerful antioxidants "gobble up" free radicals.
The higher the score, the more effective for destroying free radicals.

Antioxidant (ORAC) Scores For Selected Fruits & Vegetables:

Carrots ~ 210 ; Oranges ~ 750 ; Beets ~ 840 ; Raspberries ~ 1,220
Strawberries ~ 1,540 ; Bleuberries ~ 2,400 ; Wolfberries ~ 25,300

Antioxidant (ORAC) Scores For Selected Essential Oils:

Sandalwood ~ 1,656 ; Juniper ~ 2,517 ; Rosemary ~ 3,309 ; Rose of Sharon ~ 38,624
Cinnamon Bark ~ 103,448 ; Thyme ~ 159,590 ; Clove ~ 10,786,875

Essential oils have the highest ORAC score of all substances in the world. One Ounce of clove oil has the antioxidant capacity of 450 lbs of carrots, 120 quarts of blueberries, or 48 gallons of beet juice. Using essential oils in your daily life to destroy free radicals will slow the aging process, help prevent cancer and other diseases and increase quality of your health.